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I grew up in Southeast Alaska where my childhood was spent running around our remote floating lodge, a snazzy lifejacket over my oversized rain gear and a 35mm film camera strapped around my neck. My photography journey started with my sister and I planning elaborate photoshoots with hand-sewn gowns, floral crowns, and any other inspiration we could gather from our BBC marathons. Fast forward through a move to Arizona, adapting to public high school, wandering through different states and multiple colleges, to eventually picking up a camera again in my early 20's. It’s now been over a decade of shooting weddings and after one final move I’m once again living my dream life - running around Alaska photographing beautiful things. As well as traveling to explore and document love in new places as often as I can!

 destination & Alaska wedding Photographer

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am so glad you're here! I'm an Alaskan wedding photographer who has spent the last 13 years capturing celebrations across the globe.



My youth was spent connected to the natural world around me, surrounded by miles of wilderness. My parents raised my sister and I to be independent, self-sufficient, capable, creative, kind, honest, and to always chase our dreams (like they did!). We explored Southeast Alaska by air as our dad flew us by helicopter, by water as our mom drove us by boat, and by foot as my sister and I roamed the old logging roads, forests, and islands. We had a one room school house at the neighboring float camp, went into town by floatplane once a month for groceries, and filled the rest of our time with imagination and creativity. I picked up my first camera around the age of 10 and was always capturing the beauty, wildlife, and escapades of the daily life around me.

life in the alaskan wilderness

the background

his floating lodge was my childhood home, tucked away in a remote bay on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. 


a look into my life

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Alaska is huge and after 3 decades I still have so much to see, you can drive for a day and still not be half way across the state. When the weekend hits you can find my husband, Erik, and I on the road headed to our family's lake house, a state cabin, fishing to fill our freezers for the winter, or in the backcountry to unplug. From summer to winter, we're always getting outside to breathe some fresh air and appreciate the place we call home.

Erik at one of our favorite state cabins

exploring alaska

Favorite Things

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Although I love Alaska, I also love exploring new places as often as I can. My favorite place to be in the winter is shooting a destination wedding in a tropical location. From extended times in Asia to quick weekends down in Central Mexico, you can often find me on the road documenting new faces and places. I've been to almost every state and am slowly checking more countries off the list. I'm inspired by the locations my couples take me to and am always so excited to document their day exactly as I'd want my own photographed - with an eye for real emotion, flattering portraits, and intentional compositions with the natural landscapes around.

Exploring new places


Favorite Things

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My family and community mean the world to me, and as time goes on I've learned just how important your core people can be. Erik and I are often spending time with our parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew - sometimes all together in one big happy cabin or camped out for a fishing trip. We also recently rescued a puppy from Mexico, bought a home, and love spending simple days together appreciating the beautiful little things in life. 

family time at a thanksgiving cabin stay


Favorite Things

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We found Carlos (he found us?) in Mexico and we love our street pup. He's wild and crazy, but also very sweet, smart, and loyal. We were down in San Jose del Cabo for a wedding and after leaving him to go home to Alaska, I actually flew back to get him! Beyond our own dog, we also love celebrating the Iditarod and how epic all Alaska pups are. Sled dogs love what they do with a passion that's contagious. The energy at the race is awesome and is one of the main reasons why I call March the best time of year - Iditarod month!

meeting carlito for the first time


Favorite Things

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Erik and I both had a long journey to find each other, and when we met it was an instant connection and a feeling of home. We've faced the pandemic together, the ups and downs of both running our own businesses, and created a strong foundation in a short amount of time. We look at silver linings and try to make the best of situations, challenging each other to always choose love and light. It's inspiring to me when I see a similar depth of connection between my couples and always focus on capturing that within my images.

Erik and Carlos post lake swim, jumping into my headshot session

choosing love

Favorite Things

"I’m in a puddle of tears every time I look at the photos Corinne took of our wedding and we will never stop thanking her for the wonderful job she did. To see your wedding day through Corinne’s eyes is a beautiful thing." - Claire Eliza | Editor-in-chief, Bridal Musings

Kind Words

"They are so amazingly beautiful and looking back on it brought up so many happy emotions of the day. You truly captured us beautifully in all the photos and we can't thank you enough for not only producing such beautiful keepsakes but for being the most accommodating, friendliest and most easy-going photographer. Your amazing personality really helped us to be so comfortable in front of the camera and in front of you and YOUR photos are a true testament of that." - Stesha Ho |  Designer of Bridal Couture

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"When my husband and I first started planning our wedding, we knew that finding an incredible photographer was one of our top priorities. With heavy filters currently trending in wedding photography, we were searching for someone who captured timeless images that focused on natural light and authentic color while evoking emotion. Not only did we find that in Cori's work, but we also clicked with who she is as a person. She exudes kindness and ease and she quickly became a dear friend! The photos she delivered of our wedding day are truly stunning and reflect the bright, beautiful magic of our celebration. We get compliments on them frequently and know that they will be cherished not only by us and our families, but by generations to come!" - Melissa | Honeybloom Floral Design

Kind Words

"Thank you so much for capturing our wedding and for making the trip to Mexico. I, we, all of us, just LOVE the photos!!!! My mom and I were saying that from the photos on the link alone, you get the absolute complete feel of the whole wedding. I can’t wait to share them with my grandparents who couldn’t be there... they will feel as if they were! Love love love, and can’t wait to figure out what we’re going to print, how we’ll display and share further, etc. Thank you so much you are so amazing!!” Alexis & Djay

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“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you, again. I can’t tell you how glad I am that we used your services for the big day! Not only because you did an absolutely amazing job, but because some of your photos have become exceedingly precious. Since my wedding, I have lost two people who were very, very dear to me unexpectedly to illness. Your photos of them celebrating my occasion with all of my family there are some of the best and most recent that I have of them. I am thanking my lucky stars today that I insisted on such a talented photographer as you!” - Meghan and Alex

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