Timeless memories on a classic format

Super 8mm

Using Kodak motion picture film, we document the story of your wedding day in a way that is authentic, nostalgic, and full of timeless warmth. Available as an add-on to our photography coverage worldwide, or to book at a service on it's own. Inquire for more details.


2. Engagement Session

Engagement sessions can be a really special experience shared together as a couple. I've had couples fly up to Alaska for their photographs, or I can fly to a location of your choosing. It's a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera, get to know me before the big day, and also celebrate this special time in your lives together. You're only engaged to each other once and it's a time to be cherished! It can be an awesome thing to slow down from the rush of life and just focus on each other and the love that you share.

3. ask me Anything

Once you've booked with me I'm fully on your wedding team. From any planning questions, style feedback, or just a voice of sanity when you've gone too far down the pinterest rabbit hole - I'm here to help! I also provide timeline guidance to ensure your day will run smoothly and be best set up to create your dream photographs. I've been a part of over 100 weddings, so my knowledge is yours.

4. WEdding day

On the wedding day I'm typically unobtrusive while I shoot, stepping in when necessary to help an image come to life with a little more guidance. I also end up being so much more than a photographer, I've played the part of a planner, seamstress, counselor, groomsman herder, bouncer, hype girl, and all around team member to make sure you can fully focus on the experience of your wedding day. I have so much fun on wedding days and they really do go by in the blink of an eye.

5. your photographs

Immediately after the wedding create multiple backups of your images. If I've shot any film I send that off to the lab and wait until it comes back so I can match the images cohesively. I edit with extreme care, and never rush through the process. Although I send a preview out to you earlier, it generally takes 8-10 weeks for a full gallery to be delivered. Once completed they're uploaded into an online gallery where you have immediate access to view, share, download, and optionally order prints.

Your story on super 8

a multi-day celebration in lake ohrid, north macedonia

alex and jophiel

a wedding on glacial ice 

Jamie and Mitchell

A sweet mountain chalet elopement

Adriana and Chester