Corinne Graves

Destination wedding photographer

Ariana and Seth | Hatcher Pass Engagement

Exploring Hatcher Pass with Ariana and Seth was a beautiful way to spend an Alaskan summer evening. These two are the sweetest pair and they were relaxed, playful, and focused on each other during their engagement session- which is all I need from my couples to create photo magic!

Since evening light in Alaska can be so bright, I chose to use film so the images would still have that creamy goodness and retain details in both the shadows and highlights. I once had a photographer tell me to never photograph my couples on green grass, but that’s completely unpractical for someone who clients value natural settings! By using film and understanding light, I welcome the green and all of it’s goodness.

The first image in this series has the true film border of the scan around it while the other ones are cropped, and I love giving my couples both versions when possible! These were photographed on a Pentax 645nii with a modded Contax Zeiss 80/2 lens and Fuji 400h film.

I’m so looking forward to next summer and celebrating with these two!