Corinne Graves

Destination wedding photographer

Hacienda San Gabriel de Las Palmas Wedding

JD and Elana gathered their loved ones from around the world to celebrate with them at Hacienda San Gabriel, a breathtaking destination steeped in centuries of history. Nestled near Amacuzac in Central Mexico, this venue has unique origins dating back to the 1500s. Once a Franciscan monastery, it was later a sugar factory, thriving commercial center, and it also played a vital role in shaping Mexico’s narrative serving as the headquarters for General Emiliano Zapata during the Mexican Revolution and housing national heroes.

From the moment JD and Elana set foot on the property, they knew they had discovered a hidden gem. Within the courtyard, embraced by lush greenery, they exchanged their vows. As night descended, a transformative ambiance enveloped the scene. Candles flickered, casting a warm and intimate glow, while lights bounced off disco balls, creating an awe-inspiring canopy of twinkling stars beneath which JD and Elana danced the night away. Time seemed to halt as they reveled in the magic woven by the sparkling lights and the energy radiating from their loved ones.

Being part of their celebration was incredibly special, as was bearing witness to the magic that occurs when history and romance intertwine. This was one for the books, and I so loved capturing it!

VENUE: Hacienda San Gabriel De Las Palmas PLANNING: Nayeli Blanquel